Thursday, August 27, 2009

back to school shopping

Today I did some last minute back to school shopping. I was everywhere from the food store, to the discount beauty store, a boutique, and the nail salon (last minute pedi). I came across a clusterfucking variety of things.

I shall list them for you:

1. a cape

That's right. A CAPE. And it's plaid! Neat, huh? I think it looks whimsical :) If I'm around when that shit is on sale, I might just have to snatch it up. It's just so cute... I want to pinch its cheeks!

2. the most fuckawesome dress

That's me "modeling" the dress. I ran across it in a little boutique a few towns over. It's sort of an awkward angle and I took the picture with my phone, so the quality is not very good. But let me describe it. It's a beautiful deep purple satiny fabric. There's a zipper that runs all the way up the front of the dress and I think it's an awesome structural detail. The top has a fitted bodice and is snug at the waist. The bottom has pleat things that allow the dress to puff out a little at the hips and then the hemline curves back in. I love this dress! But there were two problems with it: 1) it was $285 2) I have nothing to wear it to. It's too slinky and sexy for a formal dance and I'm sure as hell not gonna wear it to a college party!

*sigh* I'll just have to think of it as the one that got away. But at least I'll always have this picture, right? And I'll add this to the list of "things I wanna buy after they go on sale."

I am also bound and determined to put this dress into a fic I write in the near future. I've written a one-shot and I have one story that's a work-in-progress. This is my account on I've been having difficulties posting my story on Twilighted.

3. sausage IN pancakes

I came across these when I was food shopping (duh). They look disgusting, but I must say I'm intrigued. Aparently I'm not the only one, because there seems to be an article of sorts here.

A fanfic that I would be remiss not to mention is Tropic of Virgo by In_a_blue_bathrobe. It is beyond amazing. I love everything about it. I'm pretty sure it's been completed recently and you should check it out.

I think it's also important for me to say how intricately Twilight fanfic is entwined into my everyday life. I quote it in completely unrelated conversations (and no one has any idea what I'm referring to). Little pieces of different stories I love are scattered around me. I have a tattoo that was inspired by The Office by tby789.

And today I bought a new moleskin journal inspired by Desiderata by kimpy0464.

And you can follow me on Twitter here.

That should be all for now :)

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