Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home at last :)

Okayy so this is my new hair. The quality of the photo is kinda shitty because I took it in kinda dim lighting on my webcam. I gave my hairdresser a few pictures of Ashley Greene and she did me up real nice :) I love the feel of the short length. It's grown out a little since then and I really want to get a trim and maybe make it a little shorter than it was in this picture.

So this is an adorable outtake of Rob that I found on my computer from the Vanity Fair photo shoot (which is up there for me with his yummy GQ photos). Don't you just want to kiss him and make him better? I know that I'd like to do a little more than that... but that's neither here nor there :P

Wouldn't you like to come home and find this waiting for you on the couch for you? Clothing optional, of course. Unghhhhh he's so delicious! Does anyone actually have their hands on a copy of Vanity Fair Italia?

Moving on to another fine specimen of man... Henry Cavill. *sigh* I've recently started to watch the first season of The Tudors via my online Netflix account and damn if shit aint chock full o' smut. I am a big fan of reading historical fiction and I love me some Phillipa Gregory novels.

Kind sir, is that a sword or are you happy to see me?

So since I wanna be a teacher when I grow up that means that I can't really have piercings any place other than my ears and I can't have visible tattoos. This is a picture of the new piercing I might get while I'm home for the boring winter months. I'm not sure if it would be classified as a daith or a anti-helix piercing. I still have a bunch of ideas for new tattoos, but I'm pretty much a broke college student so I might not be able to afford them for a while. Come to think of it... I'll probably still be paying shit off when I graduate and get my first teaching job. Such is life.

I'm pretty much more than a little obsessed with and I ran across this picture the other day. The first thing I thought is that she would make the PERFECT Rosalie. I think she is absolutely georgeous and I bet she can be hella fierce. RAWR!

I feel like I've been working on this post forever so I'm gonna wrap it up (tehehe) with some fanfiction recommendations of what I've been reading lately. I've got some really good ones this time :)

Fics that I'm reading:

Edward's a spin class instructor/educator. Bella's a doctor.
This shit is SERIOSULY hott. It's only 2 chapters in, but I swear to you that if you don't check it out you're gonna regret it! AU. AH.

The name says it all. Guess who she's watching... AU. AH.

There's been an outbreak of a virus that reanimates the dead. Bella is battling to save herself and the ones she cares for. She's snarky, takes no shit and she carries a shovel, motherfucker. AU. AH.... except for the zombies.

Twilight meets Anchorman. It's sassy and it's AWESOME. AU. AH.

Abyss by IwantaWerewolfForMyself
Bella's been kidnapped because of her father's political compaign against vampires. Edward and Jasper are holding her captive and things get interesting. AU. but vamps are still vamps and humans are human.

"In the library on top of books, but ya can't be too loud." Edward owns a bookstore and Bella stops by every week to check out more than books... AU. AH.

Bella needs help trying out the positions described in a deck of sex cards. Aren't internet classifieds great? AU. AH

Bella is a hardxcore vegan and liberal. She's covered in tattoos and piercings and filled with piss and vinegar. Edward is... not so easy to define. AU. AH.

Bella's a hairdresser. Edward's in the police academy. COPWARD!!! Some sexy snarking ensues. AU. AH.

My hands are getting tired from all this typing! I think I'm gonna sit back and relax while watching an episode of Steven Segal: Lawman. He is one BAMF. I've been starting to write again very recently and I hope I can keep up with it while I'm home on winter break. Toodles!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

it's been sooo long!

I'd appologize for not posting anything lately, but I doubt anyone would be reading.
Quick update:
- I cut 7 inches off of my hair in October
- this semester is coming to an end
- my momma had surgery today

Sadly, Indigo Renesmee passed away while I was gone over Thanksgiving break. I left her with extended release food and clean water, but there was a thermostat malfunction and it was just too hott in my room for her little body to take. I'll miss her dearly even if she was "just a fish."

I've had so many projects and papers due lately, but somehow I've still made time to read fics and books. Next time I update I'll be sure to include a freakishly long list as per usual.

That's all I got for now. Peace out.