Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ungh, Rob!

Bitches and hos let me present Rob's peen:

Bow chicah wah wah! This was a very good day for Rob's peen and my eyes :)
Your's too, I imagine?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rob helping out Haiti

Rob the mountain man is doin his thing to help out the victims of the earthquake in Haiti during the Help for Haiti Now telethon.


Hand-down-the-pants. This just made me keel over and die. RIP my panties.

I could care-motherfucking-less if this is a manip. It makes my day, regardless!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Curious Clothes Edition

The title of today's blog post is pretty self-explanitory, but in case you missed out I'm gonna be showing cute clothes that I find on the internet. Today I'll be focusing on becuase that's what I'm browsing currently. I'm on the petite side of things with an average build so I'm gonna be looking at things that flatter my body type and maybe a few I wish looked good on me. I'm also studying to be a teacher, so a lot of the less formal dresses I pick out keeping in mind I might want to wear them to work some day. So even though I want to teach yound kids, I still want to be the hott teacher, but I digress...

On with the show!

This one's named after the first-lady and I really like structure styled dresses for a work look. I also think they accentuate the curves I have well.

I like how this is a taylored jacket so it would be flattering and functional, but my favorite feature is the hood. Hoods are a must have for me.

I'm rather pale so color plays a large role in the clothing I select. These colors are muted, but I think I just might be able to pull them off. I'd love to wear something like this to work, but I think the skirt would have to be longer for that and I'd have to wear tights.

I just love the shape of this dress. The color would have to be closer to charcoal for me to wear it in gray, though. However...

My absolute favorite part of this dress is the back.

I love lace. This dress is so pretty and the scalloping at the top almost gives it a sweatheart neckline look. For some reason this dress makes me think of hosting a dinner for my friends.

Keeping in mind that fitted satin and rouching are not always your friend [or at least not mine] I can't help but adore this dress. If I had the body to wear it I would in a heartbeat!

This dress looks like chiffon, but aparently it's linen. Who cares, right? It's totally elegant and the perfect color for me. Once again this is a dress that only gets better when you check out the back...

Snazzy, huh?

I'm really into this sleeveless overlay on strapless dresses right now. I'm not sure how I feel about the pleats, though.

One again, the back of the dress is precious.

I love all of these fabrics and patterns and colors together. Once again there's that sleeveless overlay. It's just perfectly adorable.

This dress is so sweet! I guess you would wear it to something like a semi-formal dance/event.

This little beauty is basically in the same style as my Senior Prom dress. Strapless, brocade, and a light under layer of tulle. I love it! It's the perfect color to compliment my skin tone.

I REALLY like this pocketwatch necklace. I have a necklace locket that I picked up in Paris a few years ago and I love wearing it. This one is so pretty and it's functional jewelry!

I just thought this was a really cute necklace. It's also really affordable at only $15.

Ah! This belt is precious!

This is pretty much everything I could want in a fun laptop bag!

The great thing is about all these dresses is that most of them are under $100 and let's face it, cost is a big issue for most of us. I like the idea of being able to dress in cute, trendy clothes without breaking the bank. [Fortunately for me, it's my parents' bank right now!] But being a college student I always have to be aware of how little money I have of my own. I know it's gonna continue to be like that for me until I've been working a real job for a while.

Anyway... I'll probably be updating this a few times because I always have an eye open for cute clothes, but that's all for now!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Man Candy

Happy belated New Year everybody! This is my first blog post of the new year and I decided to post gratuitous ammounts of man candy. Not to say that I don't do this already, but usually it's just pictures of Rob so I'm working to diversify. If I have time I'd like to do something like this weekly. Maybe I'll even be able to come up with a catchy name... suggestions?

Before I move on to the man candy I'd like to mention that I've been reading all of the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels by J.R. Ward. I would highly recommend you check them out. I plan on posting some pictures of who I picture playing the brothers in my fantasies or if it ever became a movie. They are some deathly sexy men! If you've read any of the books, please comment and let me know what you thinm of them.

Coincidentally, a lot of the fine specimens of men I'll be putting on display are who I'd like to see as the brothers. I'll make sure to post their name and who I think they should play :)

This is Ryan McPartlin. He's Captain Awesome on Chuck. I just think he's sexy and looks really good in this costume :)

This is Sam Worthington. IMO he is sexy as fuck. He's been in Terminator Salvation and most recently, Avatar. I think he would be a great Tohrment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He's probably not tall enough, but they can make him look bigger so whatever.

This is Owain Yeoman. He's on a show called The Mentalist. I think he would be perfect for the role of Butch O'Neal, a human cop who gets involved with the BDB.

This is Matthew Bomer. He was on Chuck and now has his own show called White Collar. He is a sexy beast in both of the roles and I just like to look at him. There's just something about men with dark hair and light eyes.

This is Zachary Levi. He plays Chuck. He is adorkable.

This is Kellan Lutz. If you didn't know that you've been living under a rock, congratulations. This is also Kellan's impressive bulge. Why, you ask? Because I'm a huge perv and because I can.

This is Robert Pattinson. If you didn't know that, what the fuck are you doing reading this blog!? I still stand by the fact that you can see some peen going on. Not to mention the fact that my boy looks bangin here...

[for some reason the Rob picture isn't staying up]

Did I miss someone you'd like to see? Let me know by commenting! That's all for now. I'm gettin a little overheated and it's time for dinner soon. Goodbye for now!